13258 La. Highway 416 
Rougon, LA  70773
Telephone (225) 627-4291 
FAX (225) 627-5111


Grades Pre-K to 8

Mission and Vision
It is Rougon Elementary's Mission to provide a learning environment that enables all students to be lifelong learners.
It is Rougon Elementary's Vision to promote academically successful students who exhibit positive character.


Rougon Elementary School went through and passed an accreditation process through the Southern Association. An accredited school means: 

  • Qualified Teachers who continually work to improve their methods to increase student performance.
  • Access to rich, diverse and sound curriculum.
  • Access to a range of student activities and support services.
  • Transferability of credits from school to school.
  • Greater access to federal loans and scholarships.


In 1811 there were only three schools in the state of Louisiana, and all of these were located in Pointe Coupee Parish thanks to the work of Julien Poydras. Rougon School was built under the Works Project Administration Program around 1940, and opened its doors in 1941. The school was built on property donated by the Rougon Estate. This donation was conditioned on the school staying on the property. If the school were to close, the property would revert back to the Rougon Estate.  In 1941 the school housed students in grades 1st through 11th. 12th grade was added in 1959 with a requirement of 16 semester hours to graduate. There was no graduation in 1959. The largest class to graduate from Rougon High School was in 1965 with 45 students. The smallest class was in 1973 with only three graduating students.